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You had a lot of homework
Your laptop dropped the ball
You got a nasty headache
You couldn't post at all.

But don't you fret, my dearies!
That's what this thing is for!
Don't scramble through your Friends List;
Just step in through the door ...

She doesn't like the poem -
Democracy is whack!
So wait for Lissy's vengeance ...
It's coming. Watch your back.

... yes, you can delete that XD but remember! I mean, mark my words!

Hard luck on poor old Lissy
For whatever she may say,
Democracy's a tough 'un...
And this ditty's here to stay.

Welcome to talechasing! We're a small community of writers who use this community to share our work and discussions about writing. If you've come across us by chance, come and say hello - new friends are always welcome.

Community Guidelines

These are guidelines only, not rules. Please try to keep to them, but don't feel that you'll be oppressed and punished if you don't. They're just to try to reduce potential conflicts before they happen.

1. Please use a LJ-cut for anything longer than a drabble (i.e. anything longer than approximately 100 words)

2. Weekly round-ups will be done at weekends, by rosiphelee, who will find someone else to fill in if she's unable to do so.

3. Please use existing tags wherever possible. If you need a reminder of what tags there are please check the Tags Definitions list linked in the sidebar.

4. If you want to use a new tag, please comment to the same Tags Definitions post so it can be added to the list.

Alternative rules, for the non-democratically minded

1. All writing in this satropy must contain one or more of the following: fire, explosions, car chases, meteors, dogs with novelty hats, Acarthians, Kaliana the Magnificent, Sadarion the Keys Are On the Table Where You Left Them.

2. No writing may contain any of the following: walks by the beach, gentle introspection, the F-people, sticks with stars on them.

3. You will be marked.

The members of talechasing are...

rosiphelee - writer of future fantasy and mad things with wings, rosiphelee is usually responsible for the weekly round-up of news and discussions. If you have something you want to be included that she might not see otherwise, contact her. You're welcome to befriend her, but most of the writing is already public - all you'll gain is a lot of real life whinging.

ladylight - Will write for watermelon. Please call 1-800-POTATO and press 1 for elves, 2 for paladins, 3 for fae and 4-9 for cool button noises. Friending welcome, but regular journal contains only silly fluff: see soulfiresnippet for silly writing.

shanra - writer of (chiefly) high fantasy. Personal journal consists of real life babbling; writing journal of writing, though in both cases a lot is locked. You're welcome to befriend either, of course.

paantha - writer (oi! shut up! stop that sniggering! I DO write... occasionally) of fantasy involving angels, sandy desert and fireside tales (generally not all at once). Feel free to chat on her Elfwood page (ignore the recorder lemmings) then friend if you wish...

tasllyn - writes infrequent fantasy of various sorts and tends to take far too long on her projects, of which she has far too many and therefore never gets them done. Except every once in awhile. Older works over here unless I write something that I think would be good to update with. Newer updates and WIPS over here. Most of it is and will be locked, though you can friend if you like, and will probably be added back. That all? I think that's all.

saiena - slave to Ima, writer of prolific quantities, collector of shinies and chronicler of things-with-wings. Her taint has spread to many places, not least aislinena and The Woods, but there's loads of stuff on her journal too. Feel free to friend.

nihiriki - has only recently begun writing (ie, more than once a year), and so has no idea what she likes to write. Current experiments have led to immortals writing nonsense in the margin of her history books. Writing posted at dreams_immortal. You're welcome to befriend either.

jamidget - a writer of high fantasy whose most powerful wizardlike character can - this will shock you! - make a herd of goats follow the correct path to a spring. Also a publisher, a desert rat, creator of Aldora, occasional poet, even more occasional composer, and dog-lover. I'm also the guy who thought the world should know that Santa Claus has been murdered. Friending welcome.

mearn4d10 - Frustratingly slow writer of fantasy, some scifi and even less poetry. Trapped (mostly willingly) in the wilds of Iowegia, he often complains that DSL is hard to hold onto when you're A) lost in corn that's "as high as an elephant's eye" or B) upwind of the Damn Feral Hog Confinements. Examples of his work can be found at leastcakeserver, which is shockingly open to public scrutiny. He should know better...

wispywillow - an odd bird, sometimes silly, sometimes of the melancholy persuasion, sometimes both at once. Elfwood Page is here. I might actually get around to doing a shelf overhaul now that I'm a college graduate and have a little free time. My LJ is mostly f-locked, but I can easily be bought as a friend with one or more of the following: a goose feather, a pixie stick, pez, a plasic bendy straw, stickers, a bound and gagged nun, a gray sock.

annarti - writer of chiefly desert fantasy with swords and wings and beer, despite not actually liking beer herself, and doodler of whatever takes her fancy. Main LJ is flocked these days, but the unlocked writings can be found at yrae and associated arts at h_bee.
'pi, aekhartain, art, beating up emperors/darkmages, birds, centaurs, chibi- and non-chibi hyarmi, chocolate, commenting, copper, custard, custard guns, dandelion, dea, deaim, demero, denik, djinn, djinni, drae, dragons, drawing, dystopic city tales, elfwood, fantasy, flamethrowers, hileko, hyarmi in general, kelron, killing ilkuan, killing lythen, lemmings, longsight, lorannon, magpie, magpies, merit, mermaids, mermen, more things-with-wings, nao, nawaquí, nimay, nimbus, painting, reading, reao, recorders, rhyl, schiri, selkies, semiir, shaiel, silara, smurfs, staring out the window, tdol, things-with-wings, trees, urban fantasy, wings, writing, writing more