Calissa (silvanime) wrote in talechasing,

Check in, Week 1

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014, everyone, and to the first check in for the year. I hope you'll stop in and let us know how the new year has been treating you so far, regardless of whether or not you have managed any writing yet (I haven't!)

A few things of note:

Round 1 of the 2014 Talechasing short story challenge and critiquing circle is now open. The deadline is April 1 and the totally optional theme is 'Ocean'. If you plan to participate, please make sure you check out A Critical Discussion of Criticism (if you haven't already).

If there are concrete goals you want to be kept accountable for (not 'oh, I was thinking of trying this'), please let me know in no uncertain terms. I'll be dusting off my whip.

May the 2014 bring you inspiration, discipline, wordage and many good books :D
Tags: round-up 2014
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