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Week 7 check in

Hi everyone!

First off:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO saiena and ladylight!!!

I hope you both celebrated in grand style.

An especial congratulations to saiena on the launch of her first e-book!

If you haven't seen it already, alintaflame is looking for advice on writing while there are other people around (specifically, significant others). Any help would be much appreciated.

Usual reminders:

Round 1 of the 2014 Talechasing short story challenge and critiquing circle is now open. The deadline is April 1 and the totally optional theme is "Ocean". If you plan to participate, please make sure you check out A Critical Discussion of Criticism (if you haven't already).

If there are concrete goals you want to be kept accountable for, please let me know. I hope those of you who have already nominated goals will check in and let us know how you are going... else, be prepared to deal with an orc raiding party :)
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Welcomes, Greetings and Hellos

How has your week been? Grab a drink, pull up a chair and settle in for a chat.
The heatwave has eased up and we have a light but steady drizzle coming down this morning. It is glorious!

My week has been a bit up and down, but on the whole it has been more relaxed than last week. I caught up with my sister and nephew on Tuesday, which was lovely. Last night I had a dinner party out with friends. And tonight I have a birthday party to attend.

I could use a bit more sleep.
I am glad to hear that you had a more relaxing week. It sounds like you are partying way too hard now, so stop that :P
It had the potential to be draining but I came out of the various events feeling good. :)

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*snugs* Thank you. Along with some binge reading, I think it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I'm feeling much saner now.

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Doesn't your husband tell you off for staying up so late? It really does sound like you could use the sleep. Not that I can talk...

Other than the lack of sleep and being on autopilot, it sounds like it was rather a lovely week. Super excited to hear that Black Narcissus is bothering you :D

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*grins back* My SO was also a natural night owl with a gaming habit but I have managed to corrupt him over the years and now he comes to bed at a reasonable time. It sounds like the process is going in reverse for you.

I am of the opinion that a good book binge is necessary now and then. Have you heard of Dewey's readathon? It might not be something you've got the time for this year, but it might be worth keeping in mind.

Keeping my fingers crossed you get that sleep *snugs*
This week has been one of those weeks were people just seem to be extra-special stupid. Hopefully whatever was in the water this week will be gone by next week...or there will be punching and yelling.

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*hugs* I am very sorry to hear it. I hope this week has been better.


February 14 2014, 22:35:15 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  February 14 2014, 22:35:37 UTC

Goals & WIPs

What creative projects have you been working on this week and how have they been coming along? Whether you are looking for someone to celebrate or commiserate with, we're always happy to support our friends. Although if you're looking for help with taming unruly characters, you'll likely be on your own for that :D

People with nominated goals

Please note these can be changed at any time

ladylight: Finishing Corpseraker
annarti: 500 words a day on Silent Harmony: Gold (or every second workday).
nihiriki: Rewrite/finish two chapters.
little_lynnet: 3 new scenes of Space Ghosts and 6 chapters of That Novel.
silvanime: Finishing edits on the Undertow anthology
sidheblessed: Finishing and submitting a short story to the FableCroft anthology.
I didn't quite manage the week off. The anthology sprouted a few more heads that needed chopping off. Fortunately, they were small and it didn't take too long. It is looking increasingly as if I have reached the end of my role on this project (excepting some publicity stuff), though I don't think I'm going to quite relax until the damn thing is at the printer and it is too late to change anything.

I have started pondering what my next focus will be, but haven't yet drawn any conclusions. I am a wee bit worn out.

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3 years ago


Have you come across something that has set fire to your imagination? Have you found an interesting article you'd like to share? Perhaps you've been reading something good or seen something exciting at the movies?
If you have a completed manuscript lying around (or even just the first 3 chapters/50 pages), Harper Collins is taking unsolicited submissions at their website on Wednesdays.

I spent yesterday finishing off The Lies of Locke Lamora. I've been thinking I might write up a review, since I know that ladylight at least was looking forward to discussing it.

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I have a couple of Hogarth's e-books lined up for reading (though neither of the ones you mentioned) but haven't yet got to them. Sounds like I might have to move them up the list.

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Talechasing feedback

If there is any feedback you want to give in regards to the community, please feel free.