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Week 2 check in

Hi everyone!

Well, 2014 got off to a roaring start here at Talechasing with our first check-in garnering 125 comments--most of which related to elves. It has been very entertaining, so thank you to those who participated. I hope we didn't put off the rest of you :)

If you're looking for further discussion of elves and The Hobbit, ladylight has posted her review of The Hobbit and saiena shares her research on Legolas' lineage.

A reminder that Round 1 of the 2014 Talechasing short story challenge and critiquing circle is now open. The deadline is April 1 and the totally optional theme is "Ocean". If you plan to participate, please make sure you check out A Critical Discussion of Criticism (if you haven't already).

If there are concrete goals you want to be kept accountable for, please let me know. I hope those of you who have already nominated goals will check in and let us know how you are going... else, be prepared to deal with an orc raiding party :)
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